More Books

I spent a pleasant hour browsing the Christian bookshop today. I could have spent hours but I had an impatient teenager tagging along, he's learnt that I can't browse contentedly while he's following me like a puppy, lol.

I left with a pile of books and an emptier purse. I picked up a couple of Joyce Meyer's bookzines - how nice to have a magazine type book that has NO advertising in it! I get so sick and tired of paying for a magazine that has page after page of advertising, and fashion and celebrity gossip. Do I care who is sleeping with whom in Hollywood? Not the slightest.

I also bought a book discussing Revelation prophecies - different theories, I am looking forward to delving into this for some serious study. My last exciting purchase was a Bible that has the books and scriptures changed for daily bible reading, and the whole Bible is divided into daily segments so that in a year I will have read it completely. I do think it will be easier to read a couple of Psalms a day, rather than all at once.

I spotted many other books that I want to investigate and perhaps buy, but that's for my next visit - sans child!

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