Dangerous But Love It

Just read a couple of the entries and found myself shaking my head yes! In high school I was fairly popular with the guys because I had a bit of a reputation as a girl who'd go down on dates, usually in the car. After I got married my husband woud have nothing to do with outdoor or in car sex. We split two years ago and I have to say most of the guys I've dated since love to have sex in the car or outdoors at parks or wherever we can.

The most recent time was with a guy from work. We'd dated twice, and on the third night after dinner he suggested we park my the lake and enjoy the night. We parked and kissed for a bit before I heard his zipper moving down.He was talking my language. In any event I went down on him for a long time--- my mouth hurt because he couldn't c##. Soon though he was ******* it into my mouth and I got my reward. So very erotic.
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

So besides the blow job in the car. Did you two have sex besides that.He was a very lucky cowoker

No, just blow jobs. We are still getting together here and there.

Your hubby was idiot for not wanting road head. I hope you are still doing that

Absolutely am.

So any new adventures giving road head. Any new locations