His Best Work

There are still a few Dickens books I've yet to read - Barnaby Rudge, Old Curiosity Shop, Pickwick Papers - but I've read the others, some more than once. It's so difficult to choose his best work, but I think if you twist my arm I'd probably say Bleak House. But tomorrow I might say Our Mutual Friend and on Thursday Little Dorrit!
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I bought the complete works, at an auction: which are not really complete, because he wrote a lot in the magazines he edited. There are a great many short stories and descriptive works. The two novels I have still to read are "Pickwick Papers" and "Edwin Drood". I might give Drood a miss, since he only wrote about 1/3 of it. Even if he had not had a traumatic upbringing and a poor education, his achievements were astonishing. Despite being a terrible husband and poor father, I don't know anyone who has read works by and about Dickens who does not feel a sense of awe when considering his genius.

It's hard to choose a favorite. "Bleak House" is certainly up there, near the top of the list.