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Brewed a pot of coffee and let it sit while I went to exhaust myself at work. Got home and poured it in the enema bottle. Ran the bottle under hot water for a few minutes to warm it up nicely and enjoyed the exhilarating effects! My next goal is to give one to myself one as prep for getting laid.
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yes, I've tried this a few times. It works better than just drinking coffee as far as the caffeine in your system. Keeps you buzzing for awhile. I've also tried brewing tea, about 4 tea bags. Mix with water, again don't burn yourself. Retain for about 30 minutes if you can. Very relaxing. I even used a mint tea bag once and I was actually able to taste it afterwards, or seemed like I could.

Thanks. Will let you know.

Let it cool during the workday. Reheat the bottle with hot water. We don't need to explain to the emergency room nurse how we managed to burn ourselves there! Also, just black coffee, don't use sugars. There are some good pro and con websites out there. I read both and decided the con guys were grasping at straws.

I think I will try that soon. Any advise?

I heard that using coffee might be fun, so I tried it and it was nice.

How did you get started on coffee enemas?

Cleans you out and peps you up. The coffee cleans out your colon and makes you ready for sex or what ever other reason you use an enema. The caffine passes through the lining of you colon very quickly and efficiently. No more pep than drinking a cup or so.

what does this do to you?