It Always Seems To Insult..

Those who wrap themselves around the pettiest materials in life so deeply, that they believe they could not live without it; be told their materialistic ways are humorous and unfathomable. money, drugs, drinks and even FOOD!.... For Example a Cell Phone. Yes, its instant communication for emergencies and business calls, ( important.) but I hid my cousins phone from her so she would actually talk to the rest of the family at our reunion. I swear I saw a panther on acid come out of her and she created quite a ruckus! I gave it back to her, and she told me I was a selfish person, I apologized to her for taking away her phone for five minutes so she could reunite with family members. she went on a rant on how special the phone was, not the person she was texting, and how much i've *and I quote* "devastated her emotions. "
Why do people dedicate their emotions on one simple object that will be junk and old in the next few months? Or the better question is, why are people so damn materialistic?
Leighou Leighou
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

I terrifies me too. I actually have done quite a bit of studying it. Communication devices like that reduce the need for people to look outside their preformed circles and thus diminishes their ability to socialize in person, especially with new people. It also interferes with emotional coping mechanisms that a more social person would have. In extreme cases it even leads to severe identity crises.'s all complicated...the short of it is that people misuse technology...I agree with you.