If you have been around EP any time at all you know by now that Silver01ta is my best friend in real life and on EP. We have some fun together.  I have always been able to bond more with men than women and he is no exception to that rule.  I love talking to both sexes really but I just click more with men and when it comes to Silver01ta I tell him everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING. 
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Yes, I am sending him a text. I think I will tell MT too and I might even tell my guy lol.

Of course... I tell him EVERYTHING!!!! We have no secrets. hehe! Good for you THAT is not my secret to tell... that secret belongs to you although you technically didn't tell me I couldn't tell anyone. LOL I think I will text him now and tell him. Be back in a few and I will tell you what he says. he will just say that is too crazy.

And see I like the fact that men do not normally get as emotional on my as women.

me too, especially military guys and engineers. I like that analytical, no nonsense thinking.

yeah, I like the way men talk, reason, think, opine,<br />
<br />
i like men....I love my man!