Sicilian Spaghetti

Family recipe, I do not like clams normally but this is the one way I will eat them. I have heard it said that it is not traditional to serve seafood with cheese, but my family always has. I could not imagine this dish without cheese.

- Put a sauce pan on low heat and fill the bottom with extra virgin olive oil and just a dash of balsamic vinegar, sage and oregano
- Cut up a clove of elephant garlic in thin chips, like miniature potato chips and add to sauce
- Drain one can of minced clams (feed the juice to the cat) chop up any remaining large lumps and add to the sauce
- Cover the sauce pan with a lid, extremely important because the clams are going to pop like popcorn
- Raise the heat to about 3/4 until the clams begin to pop then turn off the heat
- Once they stop popping give it an extra 5 minutes to cool, stir, cover and heat again

!!!!! Do not remove the lid, just crack it and stick a large wooden fork under the lid to stir !!!!!

- Once they start popping again put the heat on low
- Cut up a can of large black olives
- Optional, chopped onions and or mushrooms
- Stir in the olives and any extras, let sit on low till sauteed

Traditional is to serve over conchiglie or shells but most seem to prefer angel hair. Cover the spaghetti with half and half fresh shredded mozzarella and parmesan cheese, then pour the sauce over it to melt the cheese into the noodles.
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This sounds very good. I LOVE to cook and am a total recipe thief! Thanks for sharing this!!

If your being a thief then I demand you serve it to your husband with white Italian wine and candlelight as punishment.

That sounds good, I've never had clams before.

Sicilian is yummy. Not matter what you name it.

Sounds tasty with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I usually put seafoods to spaghetti with Japanese soy, never use any sauce neither any cheese.<br />
My kids love it when I cook and give names to various spaghetties I make for them. Brings out that innocent awe to their face. Kids are just pure and simple. Good thing spaghetties have wide varieties. Just like "Ramens". <br />
Will try this for sure. Thanks for sharing Neo.^^

I used to work a while for this older couple from Taiwan when I was younger. His wife could not speak a single word in English, nor could I say anything beyond hello in theirs. Some how though we could communicate through gestures, which confused her husband as to how we could. She would cook the best wan ton by hand.

Mmm... this sounds tasty, thanks Neo! I will try this. (My cat says thank you too) Thanks for the tip on the popping clams too, lol.

Reminded me of one more thing, so further edits. Traditionally this is a mans dish to cook for a woman because it is some what dangerous to cook.

I will print this out and try it. (Thanks for dodging the missile like clams for the ladies!)