Cross Dressing My Bf

I have started cross dressing my bf regularly .. .

i crossie him like a **** in lingerine n lacy petticoat ..

it keeps him very obiedient to me ...
46-50, F
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He's a lucky girl.

My wife has femmed me and I love it!

More Women Need to be Feminizing their Boyfriends, husbands and sons!

That is Awesome!!

i think you can also crossdress and take over the conventional or traditional male role. Let him become your girlfriend. Then dominate him ("her"?) like a conventional male.

I hope he knows how lucky he is!!!!

oh that's really hot
add me plss

Just like so many dominant woman, dress the poor lad in panties and other femme attire just to please you

How else is he submissive to you?

Sounds so sexxy honey, I love looking sexxy.

Being dressed in petticoats and panties always make me so much more obedient

i would love to have you in my life

i would love to be treated like that by u

Hmmm nice. You can dress me anytime.

Lucky man!

brilliant. i'm taking my hubby out tonight dressed as women first time. might as well crossie him like a **** too

so many lacy petticoat lovers here !!

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Wish there was more women like u

That sounds great please share more of your stories

WOW, Madam Achama, I love all your exciting statements on female superiority. Your boyfriend can be so happy you are teaching him to know his place. Turning us into vulnerable obedient girls is a wonderful strategy to secure your natural female supremacy.<br />
My wife is wearing the pants in every aspect, and keeping me in skirts and dresses. And I am hapy to be her cute and obedient housewife/maid forever when retiring from work a few weeks from now.<br />
We are seduced by being teased and humiliated, and yet I think we should not be called perverts, *****, or ******* all the time. This role reversal comes natural to me, with females in power, and males as their subbies, like things should be, because females are the superior sex. So in the end we are not perverts. CouldnĀ“t we just be a new type of "males", submissive, obedient, feminized and passionately loving our stronger female partners, and being loved by them for how we are - as a role model for a future society ? So not perverts, but just becoming "normal" one day ? ...Just a dream ?

i know he is very lucky to have me as gf ..

Did someone call my name? :)

omg .. so many perverts here :P

we are perverts because of the hot dom women like you!

He is lucky to have you in his life. And you are wonderful to make him wear lingerie

So wonderful for her/him!