Bad Feelings

I had a bad experience last night. Was dressed up and walking through local shopping centre, I had been to bathroom and just getting in car to leave when I was approached by centres security. They claimed to have had a complaint that I had approached/accosted a female shopper. I tried to explain that I wouldnt do that but they wouldnt listen. I told them that I was sorry if I had offended someone but I hadnt spoken to or approached anyone and knew in my own heart that I was innocent of any offence.
It gives you such a horrible feeling to know that some people are so narrow minded and are offended just by the way that some of us choose to dress
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so true,, sorry for your evening

I certainly understand your wanting to get out of there without any further problems, but I agree with Brandie1960 and bahli. I've never had a problem ('though I've not been out a lot), but I would have gone to the shopping center's office the next day (dressed 'normal'), and complained. 1) produce the complaint (the woman making the false accusation could also be subject to legal action (if there was indeed a complaint), 2) lodge a complaint against the officer, and 3) let them know how much business they could lose. The threat of a lawsuit can work wonders, and I for one would love to see one of these people who think they can make false accusations because the disapprove of someone's life style get sued. How have things gone for you since?

All going well. I have stayed out of the local shopping centre while cross dressed, I did make a formal complaint and it appears their had never been anything formal raised. The security guy who approached me has now been sacked for inappropriate behaviour and harrassment

This is exactly why I need to move away from this area, I get this kind of treatment every time I go out around here. I don't think I make that bad a looking woman.
Best Of Luck To ALL Of You Sistas

Really sorry about your bad experience. I hope everything worked out for you.

Thank you to everyone who has shown concern. Although it shook me up quite badly on the night I just do not go into that centre anymore when dressed. Unfortunately that is to the detriment of the stores as I used to spend a fair amount of money each week on clothes makeup and at the salon. Now I just go elsewhere. Have even found a new beauty salon nearby that understands cd's and is happy to help with ideas and suggestions.

Breaks my heart that you suffered do to the ignorance and stupidity of shallow souled people.
Wish I could give you a hug!

I have been living as a woman for the past three months and have never had such and experience, thank god, I am so sorry for what you went thru and pray that will never happen again. I have mostly been accepted where I go, but I do sometimes get funny looks from others, mostly women

Sorry you had that problem. I have been out as a woman four times and mostly got away with it - even in a huge store that had both food and clothes. However, I do believe that in a much smaller store a cash register lady figured me out since she appeared shocked. However, she said nothing. Sorry you had someone so ignorant.

You are exactly right on that. narrow minded people suck the wrong thing.

The laws are different everywhere but their actions reek of a lawsuit in the making! I do go out cross dressed too but have not had anything like that happen while dressed. But I have had experiences where some mental midget thinks it is their civic duty to try and embarrass me. Going out dressed does provide an opportunity for the bullies to fly into action it seems. I hope you don't let this stop you from going out again dressed. This kind of thing will never improve if we all stay home. Hugs.

It's better to go to Gay places and clubs. It's normal and people are more understanding than striaght people.

Kudos to you for going out!!!

There is an awful lot of differance between offended and approached and accosted someone. I wonder what exactly those security people were trying to do? So how did it turn out? I would have asked them to produce the complainant and prove their allegations.

I was so upset I just wanted out of there

I know how you feel. Looking at the situation as you discribe it I think it was an over zealous ( cop wanna be) that was trying to show his athority by harrassing some one. It was wise of you to not make any waves as he probably would have made your life miserable for a couple of hours. I was a police officer for 18 years and I saw his type come and go many times in the place I worked. They don't make it. They overstep their bounds and get fired. Wish I could have been there to help you out. Muah! my friend.