Starting Out

Well, I have taken the first step to finally dealing with the urge I have had all my life to wear women's clothes and take on feminine roles every now and then. As a hetero male in a relationship this is difficult and coaching my partner towards acceptance is part of the challenge of this journey. My first step? Getting rid of body hair I hate and have always hated. Even this small act has been liberating. Looking forward to sharing my adventure as time goes on. Looking forward to hearing from others with their stories and perhaps to make some social contacts in Australia.
MaggieJayms MaggieJayms
2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I was lucky and was born with little or no male hair to speak of. As I grew older it was easy for me to obtain the look and feel i so wanted. Yes it is easier when single

You must be single, i have a hard time just keeping the hair off my legs. The wife is always checking them. I wish she would spend more time with her freinds, that way I could spend more time in a dress.. I wwear panties 24/7, and stockings most of the time.I enjoy dressig as a ladie, and sucking **** when ever I can get away.