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started early teens , was fascinated somehow with womens slips mostly . lived with mom or dad in broken marriage. would pinch moms items sometimes , she knew , i didnt hide my crimes too well. anyway dont think dad knew much about it, or if he did he didnt say to me. Mom knew and wondered if i was abused in early years because i would visit neighbors who had girls in house. dont remember a lot of what happened then. anyway i sort of kept my interest in womens clothes from teens onward to this day. Keen on slips , pantyhose( tights) , high heels and trying to look the business in private for most part. have been out in secret only, out of public view. I dont wear wigs and or try to be convincing in public - dont think i could pull it off. I just keep low profile for most part. Have 5 vassarette vintage full slips , 3 half slips and tights. My wife accepts it but isnt keen or put off by it too much. Its somthing i need to do and will probably do for a long time.
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Hey there.. Sounds very similar to me.. I come from a broken home, lived with my mum. I was always up in her room when I was home alone, wearing her lingerie.. Especially slips for some reason.. That was a long time ago now but I still enjoy wearing a slip when I can.. Its not causing anyone any harm so why not? Enjoy :)

Hello hibeez I used to explore my mothers petticoat drawer too. Have you read my experiences? Please comment if u like

Like you I started early, cross-dressing, with mothers and also my older sisters clothes. I've a feeling Mother or Father may have knew I was doing it (probably not as smart or clever at hiding it up as I thought, when young). I still enjoy it now, most often in private (like you I have NO* chance of pulling off anythign even remotely 'convincing' enough to go out in public), However, I guess I'm very lucky, as my (male) partner, and fiance, is, happy with my cross-dressing, and to his own sense of supprise, actually is starting to find my dressing up, for him, a turn on, though as equally often, I think he finds it quite funny... But even the finding it funny, kind of works for us, as I do enjoy 'humiliation', and so that kind of works... I still find it awkward to get clothes to fit though as I'm a 16 to 18 on my lower half, and as I've a large chest, I end up beeing something like a 22 or 24 at the top half; but by then, they're made for people with DD sized breasts, which sadly I do not have... (hoping a diet this year may help with this though, if I cna just loose half my 'belly'....)

my wife accepts it to but isnt keen it but list me do it

my partner ( wife ) was told early in game about my feminine exploits. she was and still adapted well. i wonder though what am i missing out on. when im alone and dressed in my favorite things its bliss but it soon fades when i have to return to my normal ways. bit of paradox i suppose. but thats modern life .

if you're like most of us, it is something you will do and enjoy for the rest of your life. i am lucky enough to have a Mistress/wife that is amused by my dressing up, and encourages it because she knows how much it turns me on. Hope you can get her to that point too!

Fabulous sweetie