First Time I Wore Womans Clothes

I have been fascinated with feminine clothing from my earliest memory. They were so mysteriously constructed. Their but the buttons were on the left, zippers were in the back and on the side, they had buckles but not just on belts but on shoes. And as if this were not enough and they had hooks! Little tiny hooks in back strange looking clasps that dangled from elastic bits I had no idea the use of. I had no hooks no clasps on elastic. It seemed that for a girl to get dressed she had to solve several puzzles and be a bit of an acrobat. I like puzzles and had a child’s interest in acrobatics. And then there was the sound they made when they moved a kind of rustling music. Imagine the fun they had getting dressed puzzles, acrobatics and music. I wondered how do I get in on this? The answer was a loud and crudely worded “you don’t”. not exactly the answer I wanted to hear but one I had, for the moment, to accept.

Things changed when I was about 12. That was when I realized that the stockings hanging to dry on the shower curtain were waving to me every time I entered the bathroom. At first I would just put them on and delight in the feeling of nylon on bare skin, under jeans, in sneakers and only for a minute or two duration. This went on for a few weeks when one day I found myself at home alone with my mother’s wardrobe and 2 hours time. So the bra, slip, and nylon stockings hanging from the shower rod drying were soon hanging on me instead of a cold chromed curtain rod. A pair of lonely high heels in the closet soon had the company of my stocking feet and a dress that had been silent was soon singing it’s song as I paraded about the empty house. I was in ecstasy, it was all I had imagined I didn’t ever want to go back to boy’s clothes. But the sound of tires in the driveway snapped my out of my bliss and in a made dash I was back in my boy clothes enjoying a residual feeling of delight that lasted the rest of the day.
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Great story! Please write more- don't be a stranger! The Houdini masterful quick change is something many of us became adept at. "Residual feeling of delight"- nice summary of the experience!

Great story. Sure does bring back similar memories for me. Especially the part about hearing the tires in the drive.