Drunken *** Play

I generally love when my wife plays with my *** but the opportunity doesn't present itself too often. I most often end up ******* in her *****, her ***, or when I'm throat ******* her it goes straight to her stomach. When I *** on her presents she'll sometimes play with it a little then, but prefers that I rub it all into her nipples. The slipper *** reduces the friction and makes her *** pretty hard. However, when the opportunity arises, the results are quite sexy.

Most often when she manages to catch a load of my *** in her mouth and not down her throat she'll tilt her head back and gargle with in. Then she'll start blow *** bubbles which can get quite big. Eventually it starts spilling out the side of her mouth and she has to finger back in before swallowing in. Sometimes she'll just quickly give me a view of the *** sitting on her tongue and the side pockets that are her cheeks, then swallow it and show me again to prove it's all gone. Other times I'll *** in her mouth and then order her to spit it out on my **** while giving me a hand job so it drips all over her hand. Then I'll tell her to lick it back up. One of my favorites, though, is when she helps me ********** to the point where I *** all over my stomach. Then she gets up and starts riding my **** with her ***** and thighs slapping against my ***. I also love it when she licks the *** right off my stomach. Soo hot. I think my most favorite, though, is when she takes my load and then spits it out into her hand. After showing her tongue off and seeing the *** still dropping from her mouth while her hand was full of *** she slowly licks it all up and swallows it. I'm getting hard just thinking about it. Unfortunately, she doesn't do this too often.

The last time she did it was a few weeks ago. We had just arrived at our home after a party and she wanted to go to another party, but I was too tired and had work the next day. So around 5 am I hear loud knocking at the door. I open it and it's my wife drunk off her ***. I never saw her this drunk before so I was a bit shocked. She started on all the rantings of a drunk. Nothing really interesting until she started telling me about a guy at the party who was hitting on her. She said how she flashed her wedding ring and rejected the guy hard and started laughing. She said she was tempted but she knew no other **** could satisfy her like mine (before we met she was quite promiscuous so I know she knows. She often tells me she worships my **** more than God). She gets really horny and touchy feely when she's drunk, so I **** her and she starts squirting everywhere. Then she asks for a glass of water.

After about two glasses she asks for some food. I head to the kitchen preparing something for her when I see her running down the hallway and into the bathroom. I can hear her vomiting. Again I've never seen her this drunk and was a bit surprised. I headed over to see if she needed help keeping her hair tide back. By the time I get there she's done and sitting on the ledge of the bathtub. Again she continues her drunken ramblings about how I'm the only **** that could satisfy her and how she worships my ****. Proof to point she quickly whips out my **** and starts sucking on it hard. It felt good and before I knew it, she had a wad of my *** swooshing in her mouth. She let some it drip out the side of her mouth as she showed it to me. She then would touch the *** in her mouth and pull her hand out so a string formed from her fingers to her mouth. Drops of *** spilled onto her dress. She then tilted her head forward and spit it all out on her hand.

"Look!" she said and then raised her hand up over her mouth and tilted it. The *** oozed from her hand and drippled all over her nose and cheeks, then her lips and finally into her mouth as see adjusted her aim. Once the dribbling slowed, she lower her hand and looked into it. She began licking what was left. She then grabbed the tower hanging over the bathtub and wiped the rest of her fast. She looked at me an smiled. I petted her for a moment and then went back in the kitchen and brought her back the food I prepared. I walked her to the bedroom and when she was done eating I ****** her again. Finally she passed out and I decided to **** her a few more times. Then I went to bed myself. I could fit a thirty minute nap before I had to wake up for work.

It was a sweet night and I loved how to ran home just to **** me. I think that night was the closest one could get to being a guy's idea of romance.
fastercar1234 fastercar1234
26-30, M
Jan 12, 2012