A Day On The Beach!

Beaches are for fun!

Unless you are a fisherman, it's pretty obvious that people go to beaches for just one reason, which is to have fun.

For all of the young ladies out there-you know who you are-, it's an opportunity to run around in bra and panties, and to be seen in as next to nothing as possible. Not all of course, but many of you push the limits with mix-and-match suits where the bottoms and tops fall both inside and outside of mom's comfort zone. Good for you, and enjoy it while you can, secure in the knowledge that every warm bloodiest boy supports your adventure.

Exhibitionism, and swimwear fetishes are so common among women, and throw in shoes, that nobody really notices - or very much cares.

My point? Well none really, except that there are a few males (and just a few), who would like to share in the fun an a beach......and we do..... We have no choice, but its always something hidden, and just a little scary, and how much we envy women's rules,and wish they could apply to us.

Watch for us on the beach sometime, and let us know you encourage and support us in our skimpy choices.

Thanks for listening....... Regards.....E
erniedouglas10 erniedouglas10
22-25, M
May 24, 2012