As a clumsy, sorta awkward girl I've had my share of humiliations over the years and I think I've started to like the feeling of humiliation.

It's like an adrenaline rush. It makes my stomach tie up in knots but every time I think about accidentally messing my panties or something like that I get so turned-on.

I messed myself the other day when I was out walking - gotta burn off the pounds somehow. All grown up with a great job and there I am, peeing in my pants on the side of the road cause I couldn't hold it in anymore. I even pooped a little as I was running home to get changed. Like a wet fart. It stunk to high heaven!

Don't think anyone saw, but I wonder what they would've thought. I bet they would've been disgusted and that makes me want to touch myself so bad.
Beccabux Beccabux
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you're a ******* hog

Very hot

I added you, thank you for peeing your self. It makes my day very happy. :)

It made my day really happy too, lol!

Now tonight some time I will be messing myself doing both #1and most likely #2 :)

Have you ever considered having a dominant guy control you and humiliate you like this regularly? Im alittle young for you lol. But just wondering

I don't think I'd like a dominant guy - had that problem with my first bf! But I'd like to meet a guy who would dare me to do humiliating stuff like this. Especially knowing I could come home to him after totally shaming myself and he'd be as turned on as I was.

Well if you DO Want a guy to dare you to do stuff like this, then ill do it. Just not with a dominants attitude if that makes it more fun. Interested?

I would love to do that for you :)

thats kinda sexy. like so naughty and nasty but seeing that would of really turned me on too