I crave it. It's been this way since I was a child. It's gotten to the point where I can't ****** without feeling, in some way, degraded. The worse the humiliation, the harder I *** and I'll do almost anything to ***. I think about various humiliations constantly. Desperation is incredibly arousing to me, but I haven't been able to experience much.
It's like a drug. I want more and more. And it's a vicious cycle. The more humiliated I am, the worse I feel and when I feel bad, I want to ***. Then to ***, I seek worse humiliations. I sink lower and lower, deeper into this pit of depravity and there seems to be no way out
SillyLittleM SillyLittleM
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Be able 2 Help U Out Substantially ! All U Gotta do Is an ADD n Then we take it Step By Step !

oh My Dear Silly Little girl IM Sure iIll

I'm similar to you

What kind of action do you consider humiliation? If your boyfriend cheated on you in front of you? Does that count?

Neglect or abandonment are too painful to be arousing

not neglect but cheat and have you watch?

Rebuff...do you own a ciluckquean?

My hubby wants me to be his cuckquean. He is constantly putting me in my place. Now, he wants me on my knees up close watching his **** pound a little *****. I am to ask for nothing. If I please him...I can clean his ****. I agreed to a FMF awhile back...and he turned it into this from almost the start. I wanted to be mad...but they were talking so awful to me, and my ***** was gushing. I can't write anymore because I am being made to stay on the verge, and continue to get wetter...but no release is allowed yet.

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would you hold for me?

Wow, I have never heard of this. Is this a good thing or is it bad?
Thanks for sharing too.

I think I'd rather not be this way, but it's all I know