24/7 Diapers

Im a swedish blond with green eyes, 19 years old, and i wear diapers 24/7...
I started when i was 14, i started watching ****, and i found **** with diapered girls (im bisexual), i turned me on like nothing else on the internet.
I got curious and i bought some teen diapers at the pharmacy, i was afraid the woman behind the counter would mock me, but she just smiled a warm smile and help me pick out a kind that would fit, low chance of leaking and cheap, she was very nice to me.
when i got home i took one one and i started feeling horny almost immediatly, i started rubbing and got a huge ******, i hadnt had sex by then and maybe ive put that ****** on a piedistal, but as i remember it it was awesome...
i started wearing them on occasions when there was noone home, i mostly wore the same diaper since i didnt use them, yet...
After i while i started sleeping in it, my mom tells me to go to sleep around 10 pm so i waited until then, and after she personaly made sure i had turn off my computer, taken on my nightgown and gone to bed and left to sleep herself, i silently got up. My room was only like 2 meters wide and my bed was across the room at the far end, but since the radiator was there it wasnt completly agaisnt the wall, and since on the part of my bed facing the room there was tobig boxes of books under, you couldnt see what was behind them. Between the wall and boxes was the place where i hid my diapers, i took one out of the bag and slid my nightgown up, i didnt have any panties under so it was easy to put one on. And fell asleep...
After a few nights of repeating, on a saturday when i was 15, my mom walked in to wake me up, i was sleeping without a cover back facing the room, and nightgown above back, the diaper was visible. When i heard "why are you wearing a diaper?" i got a big shiver down my spine and flew up and covered myself, "im not wearing a diaper". My mom walked in and removed the cover and lifted my legs "why do you wear diapers?", i got ashamed and decided to just tell the truth "i get turned on by it", "for how long", "a year", "do you use them", "no, i just wear them", my mom looked on my diaper and then said "well you have used it now, its pee in it", "what" then i started feeling the wetness, "omg, i peed in my sleep", "its fine honey".
I went silent a while and i think my mom saw the yellow patch get bigger, i got more embaressed "that turned me on more then wearing"
"do you want to use your diapers all the time", "no", "its ok if you do, diapers remind me of when you were a baby, i miss those days, if you do i can change you", "really, iven if i do more then peeing", "sure, why?", "i need to poop, i can atleast try once" i stood upp and pushed and i started pooping my diaper, "omg", "want a change now?", i felt the weight of the diaper, it felt good, "yes, ill get the other diapers"
I went into the bathroom and laid down in the tube, my mom removed my diaper showered my bum and my vag, then i got out of the tube and she wiped me with a warm towel and put on a clean diaper, as i stood up i realised something, "wait what about dad, jessica and tom" (jessica and tom is my brother and sister, jessica was 13 and tom was 10), "i dont think dad will care, and if tom and jessica gives you troubble, come tell me and we will think of a proper punishment".
As i got into the kitchen the rest of the family was eating breakfast, dad: "what took you so long?", mom: "sara has an announcement to make"
i pulled up my nightgown and showed them "im gonna wear diapers for a while now, and use them instead of the toilet"
Everybody looked surprised, tom: "why", me: "because i want to", Tom: "oh", then he stoped caring and went back into his fantasy world in his head, he was always daydreaming, dad: "are you serious?", me: "yes", Dad: "who will change you?", mom: "i will, and we will talk to the school and get someone to change her there".
I hadnt even thought about school, but i didnt feel nervous, why should i be embaressed?
Jessica started laughing, mom: "ill let you go with a warning this time jessica, but the next time you'll get punished for teasing sara about the diapers"
jessica: "what why, if the little baby wants diapers she should pay the price"
mom: "no computer for a week"
jessica: "unfair", mom: "two weeks", jessica: "but", mom: "next level wont only be three weeks, but also diapers for a month", jessica was quiet, she hated me for being the oldest that everyone trusted, and she hated tom for being the youngest that everybody thought was cute.

on monday in school, i showed my class the diapers and said that im wearing them because i want to, im not feeling embaressed and i dont care what anyone says. The girls in my class suported me, some of my friends offered to change me, i said they didnt have to the nurse changes me, but they insisted on me asking them when i needed a change when neither mom or the nurse was around i said thanks.
some boys tried to tease me but the girls in the class protected me, one of my friends dated one of the teasing boys and she said, stop teasing or we're trough, that was effective...
my teacher said that i have to wait for a break to get changed, the diapers were good at keeping in smell so i didnt mind, i got to sit in it and mush it ;)
And when i was with my friends after school, one of them would change me, or their parents, moms ofc...

ive been using diapers since then, so ive wore them for 5 years, used them for 4. Jessica still dont like the fact the she cant tease me, tom dont care, and my mom still changes me, its a huge advantage that i can go whenever i want, like during roadtrips, when i have a test, or, ever woken up in the night in a cold room and warm bed and need to get up for the bathroom, i dont need to get up, i just pee or poop and go back to sleep, latly i dont wake up, i dont know if thats good or bad, also public restrooms tend to be disgusting, no need for me :D
Also for girls "that time of the month" is really comfortable with diapers...

one of my old friends, emelie got in to the same schools as me and she is my current girlfriend, she really good at changing me she likes it for some reason, maybe she is an adult baby mommy, well i love her. One time when she had showerd my vag after a peeing, she didnt wipe with a towel, she used her toungue...
Since we are both bisexual and we know we wont stand eating tacos forever we agreed to that its ok to have sex with guys, but just sex and not with other girls, except celibritys...

My diapers are no secret, sometimes at the mall ive said out load "i just messed my diaper you'll have to changhe me", and sometimes i let the diaper be visible, like wearing a skirt that shows it or tight jeans that crackles, or just make the top visible when im wearing jeans, like guys do with the "hip-hop style" and show their underwear, thats a stupid look though.

Sometimes i go on chat sites and talk about my diapers its really fun to see the reactions...

Thats all i got to write for now, i hope you enjoyed it ;)

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Read it till she said school will change be you and I realised its BULL ****

I am tempted to to flag facebook on the TenaSlips site I am not sure what my fellow Facebook friends would make of it? I have had a long list of problems some of my friends already know, they are still friends, true friends. Lots of peoples have to wear them it's about time it was mainstream adverts like all the other products advertised. My wife and adult children all see and know of my needs and passions and often wear them out if I feel the need, I would love a local woman friend that wears them. Wonderful story and family you have, I wish you best wishes. Detruser

Sound like you have a loving family, I'm glad your parent didn't punish you. I would love to haer more about you and your diaper life. I've been 24/7 for almost 20 years but due to a medical problem.

What a wonderful story. I would have liked to stay in diapers0in fact I hated coming out of them at age 5 just before school way back then. I those days disposable were not yet invented, they were only invented for maned space flight. I think you are very sweet, I hope you are still well diapered and happy. Detruser

Nice i wish i had the courage to do something like that, only my mom knows at the momment maybe someday ill tell the rest of my famialy.. and great story! one of the best ive read so far :)

i liked your story :) i like how it feels to wear diapers too

I like girls that wear diapers to me there's nothing wrong with its just being yourself

You have so much courage how did you not like runway when your mum found out your lucky i so want to be you But ima male =) i still wear diapers it feels great

you have got to have the most courage out of everyone I know! you got guts!

have u ever been on diaperspace.com

have u ever been on diaperspace.com

you're so lucky that you're mom did that for you. i would love to have that experience

each to thier own we all live lives only here for short while so do what makles you happy as long as it hurts no-one

i really liked your story you should right more of them.

You rock...very nice!!!!!!!!!

good on you girl! do what makes you happy =) wish i had your courage.