I Would Love To Have My Own Crib, Cot,

And it would be just big enough to accomodate me at 5'4", 150#

Steel would be best, with a steel barred floor and lid that locks, turning the crib/cot into a cage.

Ideally, and if cost is not an issue, i would also include an acrylic basinette that fits inside the
crib. This would be especially useful for long-term diaper punishment sessions.

Yes, i would sleep in my crib/cot/cage every nite, and when Mommy Dommy needs to punish
me by binding my wrists and ankles to the crib bars and strapping me down, hooded & gagged, enema'd,
plugged, T strapped, diapered, rubber locking bloomers for many days and nites at a time, i would
endure my punishment and diaper rash like a sissy baby sister should.
joni2spirit joni2spirit
61-65, T
Jul 26, 2010