Italy Roadtrip

I just got home from a roadtrip to italy, i took 2 days to get there and ive never been more glad for my diapers, i also got to see my sister pee herself when she didnt make it for the toilet, luckily (for her) she was wearing a skirt and the damage was minimal.
We were staying at a hotel in tusany and the hotel was terrible, the rooms where incredibly small and the food was awful, and italian food is usually great.
The hotel didnt not deserve 4 stars, the cleaning staff even complained about the fact that we had thrown diapers in the trash, and the guy in the lobby asked why the hell there were diapers in the room when we didnt have a baby.
I showed him that i was wearing diapers and said "they can choose between diapers or soaked and messed sheets and soiled floors"
Jeez ive been to several hotels and none of them ever complained about the diapers...
Short story if you go to tuscany dont stay at hotel rafaelo, infact dont go to the town Chianciano Terme, there was noone there under the age of 105...

Also when i was in Rome i pooped my diaper of fear, you italians are maniacs in traffic, you dont obey a single traffic rule, you try to pass on the left side when you got the left turninglight blinking...
And all those damn scooters that think they are immortal and zig-zag across the traffic...

So we got home earlier, this vacation was a disapointment...

But im back and ill be sharing storys again ;)
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Have you ever been to Montreal? Traffic rules simply do not apply there. We got lost in the city and a local guy in the lane next to us offered for us to just follow him. ..... We got on the freeway and went about 90 mph to keep up and then we got off an exit and blew through every redlight, stop sign , and intersection we went through.....not really sure how we managed to not crash haha

i went to the philippines to see my girlfriend but i had to go buy so trash bags coz they only give us little trash bags and my diapers one diaper filled it up. next time i go in sept or oct 2011 i will stay with my girlfriend and i will bring a box or 2 of big trash bags to put my diapers , i seem to wet on the landing coz it seem after drinking soda and stuff coz you should not drink the water. by the time the plane touch down i was wet , i tried to go just before we started our landing stuff and went little bit. but was still wet.

don't so critical about the italians.<br />
<br />
God just because they complained about your diapers. <br />
I like wearing diapers and everything, so what if they complain, they are allowed to. They're the ones cleaning out your garbage.