Hi there ;)
I had a fever yesterday so i stayed in bed until 2 pm, then i got up and went to the livingroom to watch a movie, i ended up watching all four "scary movie".
My mom walked in to the room and said "im gonna leave to visit a friend in a while, will you be ok?", "i'll be fine"...
When i reached the second movie i started feeling hungry and i ordered a pizza, when the delivery guy showed up i was just wearing a t-shirt and a diaper and i decided to just open like that, but the guy just watched quickly and then asked for the money as i ate te pizza and drank som cola i started peeing the diaper, it felt nice and warm but i realised i'd propably poop soon and i should get someone to change me by then som i called emelie (for those who hasnt read my first story she's my girlfriend, yes im bi), but she was at her summerjob and couldnt come until later so i decided to wait til then.
After a while my little sister jessica came home (she and i did not agree well and she hated the fact that if she teased me for the diapers she got punished) and she had her friends with her, they were probably gonna watch twilight and new moon, i dont like those but my sister is a twitard.
I decided to mess with her and i stood up and said "hello", my diaper was fully visible since i wasnt wearing pants and there was a yellow patch of pee on the front, her friends stared and didnt know what to say, "what are you gonna do?", "could you atleast wear pants!", "why, its not like im naked", "isnt mom home so she can change you", "nope", "gaah" jessica stormed into her room. I realised her friends was still staring i turned around and walked back to the couch and as i did i started pooping, i know its very visible on these diapers so the girls must have seen it, and they almost ran into jessicas room...
I laughed for myself and then went back to tv, when i reached halfway trugh the fourth movie, emelie came overand i greated her witha long kiss well knowing that jessica and her friends saw us, then we went into the toilet and got me changed, after she had showered all of and proceeded to wipe me i saw her taking something out of her purse and hided it behind her back, and then she stuck it up my anus, it was a vibrator, i started moaning, high, and when emelie started licking me i moaned higher, jessica must really love me by now, and when we changed the tables and i licked and vibrated her she moaned even higher, later we watched the last of the movie cuddling in the couch...
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You and emelie have such an awesome relationship

That's a fantastic story/

Wow. That's hot