I Was Put Into Diapers Until I Was The Age Of 17;

because Icould not to Stay Dry (at night,) until I was 16 or 17, I would be put into three thick Clothe Diapers every night,..!
was to wear a Diaper thru the day until age: 7, when I could stay Dry much better;         it was first thought my Bladder was not yet Developing..?

later it was fould that I wet because of way to much friction and contention..."the constant Yelling, and load noises;"  I was much to freightened to get out of my Bed... besides, I was much tightly tucked in, to be able to move  let alone get out of the bed..

later... I went to live with a Family; of all Girl's..!  so that I was just one of the seven Girl's..     born a Boy, raised to be like a Gierl.!  so I became very Feminized;   and  so at times I wish I had a girl Friend,  or Foster Mother to put me back into a Diaper..Again...?

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My neice tina was adopted when she was 14 and was started off by my aunt and uncle as a baby right away.She was put into cloth diapers and plastic pants and tee shirts and slept in a baby crib.she had bottles and pacifiers and was treated just like a baby.she is now almost 16 and still in the cloth diapers and plastic pants,but is not treated like a baby anymore.

you have to give me diapers caues my mommy took them away from me for the rest of my life! and OOPS! I JUST WENT PEE PEE IN MY UNDERWEAR SO PLEASE SPARE SOME DIAPERS PLEASE!

Why are you being such a desperate ****

im sorry ur life was not happy when u were a little kid. i understand what thats like because one foster home i lives in was awful too but i really like hearing about ppl like babybunnykins who has a happy ending. it helps me hope i will find someone like that again too.

Very sad, some of us have traumas in our lives that lead us to be nappy/diaper wears, while other have great childhoods and end up in nappies. My childhood was pure hell and I wish they had put me into nappies at night time to make me feel loved. Oh well I am now with a loving mummy who bathes and dresses me in my nappies etc every day.

Being a girl, and kept in diapers is great!