How I Think My Diaper Fetish Started

One of my earliest memories was my mother diapering me. I remember being pushed in a stroller around the corner to the store where i would always get candy. I also remember sitting in a shopping cart in the store and coming around the corner and seeing the boxes of pampers. I told my mother those are the ones i use, pointing to the orange pampers box. After being pottytrained, I wanted to regress-which is perfectly normal as a child-. I even asked my mother when we were having a garage sale and she was selling my pampers that I never used. She refused.
I was a bed wetter until the age of ten ( still do once in a while). My parents would threaten to put me back into diapers several times but never actually did. One of my memories of my father before he died was him asking me to stop bedwetting or I would be back ib diapers. After my father died, my mother would babysit to supplement her income. I was jelious and would sneak one or two diapers and try them on. Me being a boy of 12, they would never fit. They were always the smaller size 3 and 4. I did use a plastic sheet for several years with the very occasional wetting. I thought I was going to be diapered at the age of 13 when my mother and I visited friends in Pennsylvania. Word got out that sometimes I " rain in my pants at night" I had to share a bed with another boy my age. When his father asked my mother if she wanted to go to the store for diapers, my friend said yes because he didn't want a wet bed. My mother asked me and I said " if you want to go ahead" she decide not to. At least was dry that night.
This is my story as to why I still crave diapers
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my story started when i was mabe 5 or 6. I often would talk like baby around my parents though i was never sure why. Anyways. i had 2 brothers one was older by a year the other younger by 4 years. he at this time was still in diapers. he had autism so potty training was in all likelyhood harder to do for him. anyways i was curious as to what wearing diapers felt like. i attempted to take one from my brothers room but almost got caught so i didn't try again. The desire to wear diapers seemed to leave me for a few years until the day came when i tried to make makeshift diapers to wear. I of course never wanted to wet or poo them at the time because i wasnt entirely awair of my sexual desires. i kept making makeshift ones until i decided to search up i want to wear my delight, plenty of results came up and from that point on i relized that i wasn;t alone. I began getting into youtube videos of people wetting diapers. it turned me on like you wouldnt believe. i finally decided i had to get some diapers. lucky for me my dads 50th birthday came and as a joke our friends gave him adult diapers. i managed to steal 2 of them before realising that my parents would notice the opening eventually. so i went out to the store while the house was vacant and bought a fresh pack of adult diapers identical to the one my dad got. i replaced the two of them and hid the opened package in my room. i began wearing the diapers until i decided to wet one and boy was it awsome. it felt so nice to have the diaper heat up and get all squishy. i disposed of the diaper a few days later. I continued to wet the diapers till i ran out. I haven't gottan more diapers since but i plan to eventually so i can try pooing in them. if you read this well thankyou for taking the time to. im a dl and possibly a tb (most likely).

Like others have mentioned here, this started for me just after I was taken out of diapers. I know I didn't have any bedwetting problems, but I also THINK I was just not emotionally ready for losing my connection to diapers. That was at the age of 2, and by the time I was 5, I knew there was something strange and different about my attitude towards diapers. Other kids could care less (or so it seemed...), but they never left my mind. You can't blame a kid for this happening to them, and obviously, once this becomes part of your personality, it just doesn't go away. I've got grandkids now, and one of them was having accidents on a recent visit. Honestly, I don't want him to turn out as a diaper wearer, so of course, we made zero issue of the wetting and even pooping, and just let it go. I think overall, he'll be better balanced if the choice comes from within, OR NOT. Still, if it persisted into his 4-10 age bracket, I think I'd just get pullups and let him know where they are and keep him stocked, if it was his own choice. Then you're not creating or endorsing the activity, just making sure the child is well balanced enough that they make decisions on their own as they eventually mature. <br />
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It could also be postulated that my interest in getting back to diapers at age 2+ was probably related to my mother wanting to be done with all this messy stuff ASAP, since I was the third of three kids she had right in a row. I believe that (without her knowing...), she was just acting on social mores that told her that a kid is done with diapers at two, and having had diapers around for about 5 years (with my other siblings), the time was just right for me to be done with them. She probably needed to read a little more Freud and/or Masters & Johnson instead of watching those early 1950's soaps (if they even had them)...<br />
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Still, if it were me again, now knowing what I do, I think I'd have tried a little bedwetting to get put back into diapers for a couple of years or more. Maybe it would have worked its' way out of my brain, with enough time, and then again, maybe not... Either way, I'm A-OK with having them in my life now. They're comforting and playful, and they are uniquely me.<br />
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It's a strange and wonderful world and we just have to accept that this kind of stuff is not something that we choose, but rather, it sort of chooses us ba<x>sed on our own needs and comfort level at important growth times in our lives. Each of us finds this unique path through it all, and sometimes I'm overjoyed to know that others have landed on the same path as me, as different as we all are...<br />
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i always feel totally sorry for kids that wanted diapers and didnt get to have them. i really only had to have them for night but when i knew i loved them i started wearing them in the days sometimes too. i hope when we get grown up we can let r kids wear diapers as much as they want. it seem like more ppl see its not any big deal if kids wear diapers now

I worte my storie in the forced into plastic panties group, wont repeat it here but, 10 yrs old, mother forced me into baby brother diaper and gerber pant for wetting and staining my under wear, spent weekend in them, wasn't able to wear pants had to wear sister night gown, but as bad a it was as a punishment the way my mother treated me, always checking my sistuation, kept me around herre and let me do things she only would do with my sister, doing house work and other things around the house with her and my sister made me feel wonderful. <br />
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that time, those feelings and images are still with me and the wonderful feelings I get in a thick soft diaper and cute plastic panties also make me feel warm and at peace

Your story has some common themes with mine, but my earliest memory at 4 years + a bit was being really upset and crying when taken out of nappies. I have been tring to get back into them ever since. does that waken any other memories?