Forced To Have My Diaper Changed

My husband makes me wear diapers 24/7 and I get punished if he catches me not wearing one or using the potty or finds out about it. But today he forced me to get my diaper changed.

I walked into the bedroom this morning and there was my husband playing his computer game. He asked me if I came into get changed and I said no. He felt my butt and said I need to be changed. I told him I was fine and he told me I am soaked, I need to get my diaper changed. I told him I was still dry at the top. He said my diaper was leaking and he can feel it on my pants. I felt there and felt nothing. He pushed me on the bed and wouldn't let me leave and he pulled my pants and plastic pant off. He took my diaper off and it was soaked he said. He guessed it weighed a pound and said it's so heavy it feels like I took a dump in it. He cleaned me up and made love to me and put a fresh diaper on me, a disposable this time since I be going to work in a few hours and these diapers last all day. Now I am in a nice soft diaper with baby powder sprinkled inside it. They make the disposable diapers feel softer. I wet it once so far and I still feel dry. It wasn't much.
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5 Responses May 9, 2012

I would jump at the chance to change my wet wife but she hates the idea. Let him handle you with love and care. Make him happy and he will treat you special all of the time.

Your such a lucky girl!

The other day I was stressed out gain about money because my husband forgot to pay our cable bill. They called and I answered the phone and they told me about our bill was over due and the last payment they got was from April 7th and asked me about a payment plan or extending the due date for us to pay it, I handed the phone to my husband and he paid over the phone. Then we didn't have enough money to pay our rent so I freaked out and got all stressed out. He kept telling me everything was okay and I will get paid soon before the 5th and we can pay it then. Then he decided to change me again because he said I needed it and it would calm me down. So he forced me to have my diaper changed by him and he pushed me on the bed and took off my pants and plastic pants and cloth diaper. Then he cleaned me up and made love and then he put a disposable on me for work. I did calm down a little bit and we cuddled up after that.

Wish my hubby would play with me like that!

He doesn't know what he is missing.

Lucky girl :)