A Lake Between My Legs

I love diapers. They are relaxing and provide a fulfilling mischievousness, which is why I wear them every chance I get. I am not incontinent nor do I have a medical condition, I just enjoy wearing diapers. Yesterday I was lucky because I had the house to myself and I didn't have school. My parents were at a meeting all day (they work at the same company). So from the time I woke up to about 10:00 pm , I was alone. I had just bought a pack of super absorbant diapers the day before after a huge lacrosse tournament. My coach makes us drink a lot of water the day after big games or tournaments to flush out the lactic acid and other stuff that builds up in your system. I strapped on the first diaper in the pack when I woke up, and immediately went downstairs to eat breakfast. It consisted of oatmeal and a 24 oz. glass of water, which is a bunch. I went back up to my room with another glass of water and got changed for the day. Then I went back downstairs, let my dog loose for a little bit and played xbox. At this point I had drunk about half of the second glass. I brought down another diaper with me just incase. Soon enough, the water started spilling out of me into my diaper. All the water completely soaked the diaper because I could feel the wetness at the top of my butt. I pulled down my shorts and saw that the diaper was bulgy and yellow. Instead of changing it, I just put the other diaper on over the top and secured it. At this point my diaper was about 3-4 inches thick. I kept drinking water all day while just generally puttering around the house. Slowly, I kept adding diaper after diaper instead of changing. At about 2:15 I soaked my 5th diaper, and put on a sixth one. At this point my diaper was so thick and heavy I could barely walk. I just sat in my basement and became a motionless blob. I eventually pooped in the massive diaper after eating a heck of a lot of food. I didn't want to get diaper rash so I had to take everything off. I weighed the diaper in the end and it was a surprising 8 pounds. It must have been all of the excess stuff that was going through my muscles and body, or the fact that I used 6 diapers. It almost felt like a lake between my legs, just because there was so much liquid and I could feel it slosh around and squish. It was a lovely feeling
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May 16, 2012