What Should I Do?

i was looking around on fetishes and i came upon the diaper peeing fetish. i hear it is really fun and it feels very good! i would absolutly love to try it out some time! problem is i am only 14 and cant just go out and buy adult diapers. any ideas anyone?
Sikeboy13 Sikeboy13
22-25, M
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

thats sounds good too! i will try that! thank you!

If you can get mail at your house and not get caught there are places online that will send free diaper samples

maybe ill try that. im a little skeptical tho cause my dad does skid at

When I first started I would use a soft towel as a diaper and pull my underwear over it to hold it in place. Then I would wet it and have some fun in it. When I took it off I would clean it in the bathtub and just tell my parents it fell in when I was taking a shower. Boy that diaper always felt great!