So Very Comfortable

Why am I always surprised by how comfortable a diaper is? It's not like I don't wear them often enough to know but when I don't wear for a few days, then decide to put one on it always takes me by surprise. There's something about the soft, bulky padding that's so very comfortable and comforting. Now I'm sitting here in a nice fresh Bambino and smiling.
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7 Responses Nov 30, 2012

would love to se the pics of those bamninos to go with those pullup pics =]

Wanna see me get wet

Hi, now I am sitting at my PC in TENA thick diaper and am very wet... I also must say that I am ************ and in a minute I will be "in heaven".. I would like to see any your photos, if possible ;-)

Hey wanna chat

I agree totally. Love it.

Good girl

I do relate. Even though I'm diapered all the time I still love the feeling. Constantly.

I can hear your "sigh of contentment" from here.

I agree... :-)