A Day In Diapers

My name is lisa54 and enjoy wearing depens cause I cant finde plastic panties for diapers. when I get up in the morning I put on my pink dress and tennys and a depens diapers. and I love wetting my self the warm feeling is over welming. then Ill change it and put on another dry one. and the feeling of a warm dry diaper feels good. sometimes Ill put on a wet diaper cause of the feeling of it wet against my bottem.its been a long time since ive warn a diaper and plastic panties.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I know what you mean about the wet diaper feeling, it's sooooo soothing :)

Recently, I've ordered my plastic pants from Babykins....and I believe you can get them on EBay as well. They do help prevent leaks, and, well, they're fun, too.