First Intrest In Diapers

First realised I liked diapers at age 5. Was in a Catholic boys home from broken families. Found out that wetting the bed brought attention, although not really good attention. The nuns had me in diapers for a few months, till peer pressure made me stop wetting at night. The intrest in diapers has never left, though I have been through many purges of my diapers. Finally just gave in, and have worn 7/24, for the past 7 yrs. Have found myself with less control over the past few yrs. I also have an older brother that wears diapers, too.

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when i ran away from a foster home i lived in i got put in a shelter house that might have been kind of like the place u went to. in there they had certain rooms for bedwetters to sleep in so everybody knew who was a bedwetter. i know what u mean about how peer pressure makes u want to stay dry so bad so u wont have to wear diapers and other kids call u a baby and stuff. i tried really really hard to learn to stay dry while i was there but i couldnt figure it out. i finally got a new foster home and they liked me anyway and the special attention there was really nice and made me feel like they really liked me. sometimes i think that might be why i got over feeling bad about it and learned to love having diapers<br />
thats totally rad that u have a brother that likes to wear diapers too. maybe u guys will want to put a story on here to tell about that. i had one brother that wore diapers to bed too and we r still friends. he was a foster brother and learned to stay dry finally and we dont live near each other any more but its still cool knowing he is still my brother/friend

Ok caught me in here...LOL.....your brother Gary

Was your brother in the same home?

I find that the longer you wear diapers, the less control you have when they are on.