... Sometimes Too Much

Yesterday, I was asked to help to oversee a youth group who was trying to raise money for a retreat. They had secured a bowling alley and had elicited "pledges" from parents, friends and some businesses that, in some way, were tied to their performance. My "boss" was supposed to do it and something came up and he called me. I only live a few miles from the alleys and, although I was pretty much sttled in for the afternoon, said "yes".

I had been to church and had changed into some of my favorite wetting panties for an afternoon to myself. I'd wet in them twice and, after the call, I debated with myself as to weather I should go get washed up and changed or to put on a diaper over the wet panties The diaper won.

It was about 2pm when I got there and since all I had to do was to keep an eye on the kids, keeping their enthusiasm somewhat contained, decided there was no harm in continuing to enjoy myself by wetting. The program was to end at 6pm and, by then I'd wet in the diaper at least two times. The parents came to pick the kids up and by 6:30pm they were all gone. One of the other chaperones that I'd chatted with asked if I wanted to bowl a game or two. I immediately said "no", thinking of the wet diaper I was wearing under my jeans. Maybe it was the boredom but after she left I decided to get a pair of shoes and to give it a try. It's probably been 15 years since I bowled at all so it was going to be an "experience", even without the diaper.

The score doesn't matter... but my best memory was standing there on the lane with the ball in my hand and emptying my bladder.

I don't know if anyone was watching but it was quite a rush. I ended up bowling two games and as I was paying up at the counter I emptied my bladder again. The guy who was standing there had no idea and, again, it was quite a rush.

I should've gone home but I decided to push my luck. I told myself that if I made it to McDonalds and didn't feel any wetness on my butt that I'd go in and have something to eat. I was still dry but, after voiding my bladder with the little pee that had collected in the half hour it took me to get there and sitting down to eat, I realized I'd pushed my luck a bit too far. There was nothing I could do but to walk out as inconspicuously as possible.

Even with that it was still worth it. It had been a while since I'd actually ventured out in a diaper knowing I was going to use it. I'm already thinking of when to do it again.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

That very thing just happened to me this afternoon. I always wear a nappy out, but I'd only intended to be gone for three hours. Turned out to be seven. I was actually at a store to buy some more nappies when the last load came out and that's when I'd realised I'd pressed my luck too far! The wee pooled up between my legs, and then ran down the insides of my legs as it spilled out of the nappy. OMG what a glorious feeling! My backside was fairly dry and I was wearing dark slacks anyway, but now I'm thinking about trying that again tomorrow on purpose. I have a day out of the office for a change and need a diversion or two. :-)

You are a much braver person than I will ever be....good for you!!