I Enjoy Diapers

I have been wearing diapers for around 15 years now. it started when i had  a lot to drink i would wet the bed my girlfriend told me if i was going to drink i would have to wear a diaper to bed .Well i wasnt going to stop drinking  so we made inquires as to wear to purchase some disposables i wasnt really looking forward to wearing one so when she suggested that i try one i thought may as well try .To my surprise as i took it out of the bag i started to get a erection but after it was on about a hour i needed to pee badly she told me to use my diaper it felt great as the warm pee flooded my nappy she mad me wear it for 3 hours before i was changed.Ijust loved the feeling i dont know why but since then iwear one every night  and 24/7 at weekends when i also like to soil them my girl left me 10 years ago but remains friends and i owe her a lot for introducing to diapers thanks very much JOSEPHINE.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Diapers are always great!