What If It Had Been You

A friend had offered us a use of their caravan for the week, at first I tried to get out of it but realised there was no way and folded. To say I was moody was an understatement all the way their and during the first day.

Then came bed time now this was my first time in a small touring caravan and was surprised to find the front seats becomes the bed.

 The coastal air always make Sue sleeper and she went to sleep about 10pm I waited for an hour for the site to quiet down then set about slowly pulling the duvet off sue then opening the curtains a little bit with just a side light on I crept outside to have a quick peek and see how much could be seen through the windows and if it would wake her as I shut the door, this was the first time I had stood looking into the caravan and had not realized to now that the windows, where head height off the ground and with the bed only one foot lower on the inside, My head was only 3 inches from her feet and a 8 inches above her ankles I could not have got closer if I was knelt on the floor at the foot of her bed at home.

I could not wait any longer and had to get ready before others started to walk their dogs. I went back inside  turned on the lights then opened the curtains little bit more, I took these photos before I left to watch from the shower block

Watching from the shower window

The first person to past was an old dish man in his 60s at first he seem to past as if he had not seen any think but after passing the next caravan he stopped looked round to see no one about then turned round this time heading towards the caravan slowly in line with the window slow zigzagging from side to side trying to see if anyone else was in the caravan he did not stop but went past again he went one carven past before again coming back this time he came close up to the caravan at the far end on her head side before walking along the side of the caravan past the window around the front where I left the smallest of gaps just so you could see along the full length inside and that no one else was there as he got to the window at the foot of the bed he stopped pretending to fuse the dog stopped for 2 to 3 min bending down to pat his dog then standing again each time spending longer and closer looking through the window, only moving on when he saw some else walking their dog.

The next was a young man in his early thirties with his young son with him as they passed he seemed to stop dead for a second then continue I thought his properly too young to care but after only a few feet he stooped passed the dog lead to his young son who was far too small to see in, then threw a ball for them to chase, while he waited for them to come back he moved closer to the window each time they come back he move away a feet or two through the ball than move back again looking over his shoulder after a few times his son started to make too much noise so he moved away back the way he came.

The third person was also in his thirties but later end he came round from her head side again he carried on as if he had not seen any think then he cut back across to his caravan within seconds he came back out with 2 mates and started to walk round again this time as they came round past her head side the one hung back looking while the other 2 continued to the front where they could look through the thin crack they stopped lit a cigarette but where swaying back and forth obviously trying to see if anyone was there the 3ed friend joined them then they move to the window by her feet all 3 stood there looking round before pulling out phones and starting to take photos the one quickly went round a took a photo from the other side which the 2 seemed to pose for. I love to see that. After they left I quickly made my way back and closed the curtains.

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Jul 16, 2010