Please Degrade My Asian Wife

After I told her that I shared and experience and her pictures on EP, sometimes I will read the comment with her together.

Last night, I bring my iPad to our bed, we together to read those comment from the EP member. I was grabbing one of my wife **** while I was reading the comments (As her English is worse then me, I read for her). I told her that some western guys were ******* off when looked your pictures, I told her that they like your boobs; want to worship, pamper, caress, lick, nibble, stroke, massage, pinch, suckle your boobs, they want to abuse you as much as they can!!!!

I found that her body become so sensitive, ***** was very wet, I keep said some very dirty thing to abuse her. I told her someone said 'you was a yellow crab, a **** meet, need big **** to drill (I explained to her in Chinese) . She was extremely crazy to heard about while I was fingering her wet *****, just a few minutes, she was squirted and make my bed wet too!!!

I use my mobile to take a pic at once ^_^

After she noticed that I was hard too. She begged me to **** her
But I haven't **** her at once. I needed to get her to lick my feet, legs and ****, as her juicy squirted to my body too!!!

Share one more to you, when she was cleaning for me!!
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