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And so it was that she sat defeated on the ground. White blouse, bra, and panties transparent in their wet state. She didnt even protest when with my phone I took several pictures of her. We sat there as i explained this was the beginning of our evening. The **** dried and she was given her skirt back to wear into the pub. Before we went in I got my new mates to put you, still bound, into the front seat of your car. With her stinking of sweat and dried urine, the dried *** nearly invisible on her face, I took her into probably the worst enviorens she had ever entered. More on that another time...

By now her white panties were becoming translucent between her legs. A new idea was forming. I ordered a stop to the spankings. Forcing your badly disheveled bride back to her knees I told her to suck my ****. I needed to lose the hardon I had gotten watching her jiggling flesh as she submitted to the oldsters spanking and pawing at her. She tried hold her mouth shut but I pinched her nose shut and she gasped for air and got my schlong. With my fingers entangled in her tresses I face ****** her. Eventually I was ready to *** and pulled out to pump my ***** onto this woman's unwilling face.With my penises now flacid and having been here a long while, it was time to go to the next phase of her humiliation. I told her to look at me and keep eye contact. With her head tilted back and her face full of **** she wept as my warm stream flowed from my bladder and out of my ****. Running over her chest. Between her ****. Across her belly and mound before disappearing between her thighs. I bet she thought I would urinate on her face but I didnt want the *** washed off. I then told the two sots who had been so helpful to relieve themselves on her too.

Feeling she still was indebted to me for the namecalling I told her to remove her skirt for us. When she stood and started to protest I stepped behind her and reached around. Cupping my hand over her mouth I pulled her up and to me. My other hand reached in her partly opened blouse. And finding a nipple twisted hard. Her muffled scream drew harsh laughs from the willing audience and a groan from you. Not wanting any bother from you I told the two old boys to pull your pants around your ankles and to lash your hands behind you with your belt. As your hardin was exposed, your whimpering wife was removing her skirt in this public carpark. Having bound you, my new friends were rewarded with feeling the partially clad beauty before them. Finally with she was again bent over the fender and spanked soundly. Sobbing softly to avoid drawing any more onlookers your pretty wife endured as these two old sits smacked her bottom.

I grabbed her hair in my other hand and still gripping her large breast whispered in her ear that I would stomp her there in that dark lot if she didnt shut her hole. I told her to cooperate and she would ot have her face permanently scarred. I guess she got the message after looking closely at the determination in my eyes and the desolate surroundings. I told her to nod if she understood. She did.
Still kneeling and rubbing her sore *** she looked a little rough. Her white blouse now wrinkled and the tails pulled loose from her skirt. Two buttons in the middle now lost forever to her brief struggle. Her makeup had run from her tears and an occasional sob still shook her large chest. I stepped near her. I told her to open my trousers and pull my **** out. Hoping to avoid a painful rape she complied and as you sat leaning against a parked car, she slowly started to stroke me. By now a couple other old guys had come into the lot from the public and stopped to watch. I asked if I had told her to stroke me and she answered 'no'. She was stood and bent over the bonnet of a near car and her skirt lifted exposing her knickers. She begged not to be raped. I laughed and brought my hand down soundly on her ample bum. She gasped audibly and I believe you did too. The old guys stepped closer. One asked if they could spank her.

I had asked several times that you convince her to have a night out and you always refused. So it had come to his. I show her all your nasty internet postings or you bring her down to this seedy pub. I guess you didnt want her to know all your dark desires, because you were there with her in tow.She didnt look happy. I tried to be charming. She seemed in no mood for the ambience of 'the sty'. After meeting in the car park she wasted no time in expressing her feeling via snarky remarks. She was really mad when I slapped her. Yelling for you to do something and in her anger calling me names. One punch in your stomach put an end to any ideas of heroism. Then two more slaps to her face stopped her wailing. I reached out and grabbed her big title with one hand and squeezed hard. She knelt t her knees trying to escape my grasp and I grabbed her hair in

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