F/m Spanking.

    When we were in a hotel in Mexico a few years back my wife caught me coming out of the shower, sat on the bed and turned me over her knee for a bare bottomed spanking. A few moments later there was a knock at the door, housekeeping. My wife told her to come in. Unknown to me at the time Amanda called the front desk to have extra towels brought up. The woman walked in to to see me sunny side up. Amanda told the woman she could leave the towels in the bathroom and that I had been acting very immaturely lately and was getting to the bottom of my problem as she continued to spank me in front of her to my great embarrassment.  


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My wife beleives in spanking me to keep me in control. Last night she placed me over her lap on bed and delivered about 50-60 swats with her palms on my underpants for drinking extra alcohol. When I argued with her she lowered my underpants and gave another 50-60 swats on my bare *** with her palms. She took me to the corner of the room dragging me holding my ears and made me stand bending my knees slightly wide and delivered another 50-60 swats with her cupped palms on my bare ***. The whole room echoed with the sound of spankings. When she finished I was allowed to go to sleep. I am still feeling the heat.

My wife being...... "anally organized".....constantly makes lists. This morning she left the house early and afterwards she called me.
She had written her shopping list in her note book and forgot to bring it with her. She was angry with me for embarrassing her at a party the night before. I drank too much and argued politics with some of our friends and her sister. I was my usual arrogant self. She had warned me several times about “no politics and gatherings”. Soooo she very coolly....... asked me to read her the grocery list. Which I did. She then hung up without saying….. Thank you. Oh! Oh I Then I read some of the rest of the list ,….. "Book store, Macy's and bank etc. etc. " I was curious so I looked at the rest of her notes."12 noon tuna soup... In her notes she refers to me as “D”
Then ………"."SSPD w BB " ?????? "CT" 25 min pedicure 2nd SSD more CT 15 min….. maybe 3rd SSD if D is pouting.” CT 45 min……..nails color cherry blossom "supper" "Western steak house with "rustic seating" for "D"
SSPD I found out later was Severely Spank D, BB is with the very painful hard wooden Bath Brush......CT is corner time. 25 min While I had a painful throbbing bottom which is just enough time for her to give herself a pedicure. “ 2nd SS D = a 2nd severe spanking of D” CT 15 minutes of corner time. She had really laid into me and I was sobbing and complaining that she had spanked too hard. That led to me pouting........something she really hates. Soooooo Like an idiot I talked myself into a 3rd SS session Then another "CT" = 45 minutes of sniveling , sobbing in the corner While she casually painted her nails "Cherry Blossom" Later at the rustic steak house I squirmed in my seat ..because of the hard wooden chairs. That was also on her to do list. Disgraziato

I'm wondering if my wife is the only spanker who believes in<br />
giving her man a two session spanking ,to make her point.She sometimes tans my hide in for-play but her brutal punishment spankings are two-fold,because there is no hanky panky afterwards, for sometimes as much as a week.

Writing lines may seem ridiculous to many as a form of adult punishments, but my wife Linda, applies them …..sometimes after a punishment spanking (PS) . A ps usually means no sex for at least 3 or 4 days . Linda believes DD should be followed by behavior modification on my part. Her motto, to my dismay, is:<br />
“ The Blistering of your bottom will never lead to sex”. So, there will be no physical contact for several days after a PS. But sometimes , if I’m lucky, she will give me a choice : I write 1000 lines……. or no sex after a ferocious spanking. She gives me this choice because , even though her anger has not diminished, she was also turned on by pummeling my butt 40 to 80 times with the bath brush. I’ve learned that my writing of lines …… makes her anger slowly disappear and that my getting writers cramp, ( in order to please her) , really turns her on. Especially since my self centered selfishness lead to the tenderizing of my bottom in the first place. This submission by an egomaniac like me is the ultimate sign of respect for her domination. Writing a 1000 lines can take all day. When I’m finished I will hand her 40 pages of 25 lines each. I usually place them in a “presentation type “ binder. She saves them in a box in our closet. I totaled them once and there were 20k hand written lines. They are a tribute of my love for her. Usually she is livid with anger after blistering my bottom , but as the hours pass and I continue writing, she warms up to me and actually teases me , by wearing revealing clothing and negligee. But I must finish the lines first , which really is a form of torture, especially when my wily reacts in such a way that I forget that my bottom is throbbing from the horrendous scorching she gave me. Reaching almost 850 llines, she may even sit in my lap and give me long and passionate kisses.. She nestles her bottom over my rigid wily and dry humps teasingly and then whispers in my ear………..” We’re almost to the finish line, Dear.” <br />
She really means the starting line.  disgraziato

What would be your choice? There could be no spankings due to the fact Linda hurt her shoulder paddling me somewhat ferociously. So a week later ,knowing my bottom wasn’t going to be tenderized , no matter how badly I behaved, I drank much too much at a party, and got into an argument with Linda’s sister. The next day I was given a choice for punishment: Two hours of boring corner time. Or writing lines 500 times. <br />
Linda makes sure there are no clocks with in my vision and naturally keeps TV and radios off…… so keeping track of time is impossible. After two hours I was exhausted and wished I had chosen the lines punishment. It’s Linda’s favorite non spanking punishment. What’s worse? Detentions like this ,also mean no sex for at least two days.What would you choose as punishment? 500 lines or 2 hours of corner time?<br />

Msspanker, how do you spank your husband and how did you start?

I have not spanked my husband in front of a clerk or maid yet... But when a clerk asks how was our trip or how we're doing I've said, " I'm fine but he's not going to be when I get him to our room!" Most times that opens up a short discussion the causes him great shame & embarrassment. Also, I've called for more towels and he's been standing in the corner wearing a robe with his panties down at his ankles and a paddle or hair brush sitting next to him. Other times I"ve hung a sign on the door please do not disturb Husband's Spanking in Progress!..

Have you ever given him Any other form of punishment? lines or house work ?Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Do you spank him to tears? Do you ever give him a second session to make your point? Any other Discipline given?Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Yes, on and off for the remainder of the week. At one point she was with 3 other housekeepers talking and all three were laughing at me as I walked by. I must have been beet red as they laughed louder as I turned a corner and headed out to the pool to meet my wife.

That sounds terrific. Did you and the housekeeper see each other after that?

Ya I just wonder who gets more out of the spankings us or them!

My lady blisters my bottom and when finished if she looks down and sees that I enjoyed it...(her pet peeve) I get a 2nd session until my enjoyment disappears. " Punishment spankings are not for Your enjoyment" Please reply with authenticity, D support, and respect

Ya I just wonder who gets more out of the spankings us or them!

Hell Happy, I like your approach. Why does she have to love me so much!<br />
I love the cane and crop and she knows how to use them.

BRAVO!!! It's great to hear from another enlightened soul. Now if you will excuse me I am trying to sit down...OUCH! "Why Oh Why does She have to love me so much!!" LOL

Happy, I agree 100% with you!<br />
My wife and I are in this lifestyle for more than 27 years now.

If more wives spanked their husbands when they needed it, the divorce rate would be in the single digits. My wife and I are married thirty- two years next month and couldn't be happier nor have a stronger marriage. My bottom is always well striped

How do you feel about this situation?

Have cane will travel! While driving to our weekend condo, I stupidly brought up an incident that was very embarassing to my wife from many years ago. She had warned me several times that I shoud never bring it up again or I'd be very sorry. So when I blurted it out in casual conversation , she cooly turned to me and said : Pull into the rest stop just before we get to HWY 47" . A few minutes later she told me to back our car into a seclude spot, out of view of incoming traffic. She clicked the trunk open and reached in and pulled out her favorite 5/16" cane. She then commanded me "Drop them,....... pants and underwear and bend over the bumper into the trunk of the car." ..."NOW!!!" It was chilly about 54 degrees and my bottom was about to be scorched. 60 strokes later I was crying like a baby. Luckily no one else had pulled into the rest stop or for sure they would have heard my yelping and pleas for mercy. Linda was in her punishment mode which makes her deaf to my pleas for mercy. I then continued driving again ,while squirming on my throbbing bottom. Linda was very relaxed and decided to take a nap."If you ever bring that subject up again , this session will be like a hand slap compared to what you'll get next time." She slept like a baby the rest of the trip....disgraziato