My Mistress Said...

My mistress says that i'm allowed to ask everyone in this group for dares about me being a sissy for her since i'm new to this.

She does however say that if she doesn't like it then I can tell you guys that "Mistress says no" and that has to be the end of it.

please send me any dares that you think would be fun, dirty, humiliating, or punishment worthy.

all ideas will be considered by my mistress
xeroqualityflame xeroqualityflame
18-21, M
4 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Wear all your sissy clothes under your male clothes and have your **** tucked back so there will be no bulge. Do not wear male socks, only your stockings. That will be the spot where your exposed, not many will notice. Go grocery shopping or something lime that. I suggest not doing this in your regular stores, just in case.

Keep your finger nails polished in a subtle pink colour for a week!

i attempted this dare and when i went to check out with my bra and panties the guy working recognized me. it was horrifying. i went to the bathroom and changed but couldn't go any further. i just wanted that guy to follow me into the bathroom and snap a few pictures of my sexy new underwear.

Here's a dare for you:<br />
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50 bonus points each time you change in the store's fitting rooms and have the clerk take a picture of you. (First one would be you just wearing the panty in the dressing room.