Lost Bet

My wife and I made a bet on our old high school football teams game.
The bet was that if I won, she would go nude at home the whole weekend and be my servant.  If I lost I would be here servant and have to wear nothing but a tiny red apron, which barely covered privates.
Well I lost the bet and out came the apron.  She made me undress and she put it on me and then took my clothes away. So if anyone came by I would have to either be seen or try to hide.
What neither of us realized was how aroused I would become just wearing tha apron.  My arousal made her made her think and ask me if I thought I would enjoy wearing more womens clothes.  Well I couldn't hide my arousal and did find the thought interesting and told her so.
At that point she gave me to option of just the apron or wearing some of her lingerie.
I said that I thought wearing the lingerie would be interesting.  SO she removed the apron and left the room.  When she returned she had a matching bikini bra and panty set for me and helped me put it on.  I will admit that I felt pretty silly but I did enjoy the feel panties and the restriction of to bra around my chest.
I had to serve her and pleasure her in all ways imaginable for the rest of the weekend.  But it did broaden our horizons and led to many other experiences.  She now takes me shopping for clothes and often makes me wear a bra and panties under my clothes when we go out.
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4 Responses Oct 15, 2010

love it! My imagination is running on your comment of bringing pleasure to her in all ways imaginable..........
Thanks for friending me...........

Has she had you dress in front of any of her friends?

do like your feminine emotions now lol<br />
<br />

And I’m sure that the intimateness of these experiences has brought you closer together as a couple too.<br />