She Dared Me To Wear Her Stockings

While we were in bed one night after having sex, myself and an ex were chatting about dressing up for sex. She commented that her legs got very warm when she wore stockings during intercourse and even warmer when we lay in each others arms afterwards. I started to roll one stocking down her leg, then the other. I had both in my hand and went to throw them on the floor, but she said....'put on over your head and face for a laugh'. I said it would stretch and no doubt ladder them, so she said, 'well put them on your legs then'. I started laughing and said no. I dare you, she said smiling. I didnt want to seem to eager as she didnt know i crossdressed at this stage, but eventually said ok, i accept your dare.

As i was putting the first stocking on, i pretended to be arkward and she showed me how to do it properly. When i had both on she said 'here, put this on too' it was the cami i had bought her earlier, pink mesh with black lace trim, not expensive, but very cute. I did so and she started giggling before throwing the matching panties at me and saying, 'put these on as well'. I did so, but they were quite skimpy, so didnt hold much in. She said, stand at the end of the bed, i want to see you in all your glory and as i did so she laughed and said, you actually look good......and its getting me turned on! By the bulge growing in the panties, she could see i was getting very turned on too.

She told me to get on the bed and wrapped herself around me and it wasn't long before the pair of us were rearing to go again. I took off the cami and then the panties but as i went to take off the stockings, she stopped me and said, 'no, leave the stockings on'. When i asked why, she replied because i want you to see how warm it gets when you are wearing them. I think this was just an excuse as other aspects of our sex life progressed, and that she just really loved to have me in stockings. We had great sex and as we drifted off to sleep, i went to take the stockings off, but she said, will you wear them all night in bed.....for me? Of course i did so, but it was a bad break up in the end which made me very very catious about my dressing and i was unable to tell any female for years after it.
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My wife (now deceased) and I had a fun act she invented where we both wore stockings and garters during bed sex. We used wide short strap suspender belts with full length stockings. But she fastened my front suspenders to her stockings, and her front suspenders to my stockings. During sex, the suspender straps would stretch and relax with every thrust. It was fabulous fun

You and me both... My marriage ended over my CDing. I know and feel your pain. On the bright side have a sexy body that looks really good dressed and ready to **** maybe!?!

I too love have sex whilst wearing stockings and lingerie,The best is when you both have stocking on and make love from behind feeling the stockings and suspender belts

Bummer about the break up . Finding a gal that enjoys , not just tollerates us guys dressing is like winning the lottery ... almost... maybe more like wishing my **** were ALOT bigger than it is .... <br />
I love to dress ... tops are a bit harder to hide with the fasteners on the 'other' side ; pants open from the otherside too but can be hidden by an untucked shirt. Heels ... my LOVE... can't hide those bad boys.... plus the ' clickiing ' with each step just seems to draw peoples attention ....<br />
Anything ...... but mens clothes ..... shoes / velcro / jeans / cottton...YUCK.... <br />
give me microfibers, silks , georgette , spandex, nylons, leather, fauxs are good , sheers , flowy, stretchy .... and I'm in heaven with *****..... sd

My ex gf knew about my pantyhose fetish and many time, we had sex with me in pantyhoses and that makes me so much turn on

I love wearing stocking for sex. I love feel of skin rubbing against material. It is turning me on.