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Crossdressed At Work

Not really a dare but quite daring

One time I was working on a refurb of a plush office block that had full length mirrors on the back of the toilet entrance doors. I had gone to work with all my finery on under my clothes. Stockings, suspenders, silky panties and a full length slip. I could barely concentrate on what I was doing all morning. I was so turned on. Then on my lunch break I popped to the shops and bought a lovely expensive pair of heels. Time to put one of those mirrors to use I thought. As soon as I got back to work I got undressed in one of the cubicles and put the heels on. I then ventured out of the cubicle and started wanking in front of the mirror fixed to the back of the door. The rush I had thinking anyone could just open the door at any minute and catch me, sent me over the edge and I sprayed my *** all over the mirror. Then like a good girl I licked it all up.
debbiesucks debbiesucks 46-50, T 12 Responses Jan 3, 2013

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sounds fun

hot ! :-p

I used to be able to wear bras, girdles , and stockings under my work clothes, made me sooo hot ! I know you enjoy it !

Nice to know you did not waste that lovely ***, love the taste every time be it my own or someone elses

Sounds like an awesome experience! By the way,you look hotter than hell in your photo.

Thank you x

Quite daring,I'd say very daring,would have loved to have seen you dressed like that

I would have loved you to see me like that too x

Mmm debbie(blush)

Nice story hon.

Wonderful. Thats why I like to try on clothes in a pulic dressing room. Stadning in front of the mirror wearing only panties, bra stockings and a garterbelt is a tremendous turn on

I'm going to try that, can't wait.

I love the dressing rooms that have just the 1/2 door. It turns me on to stand close to the door so anyone can see what I'm trying on. They also get a good look at my stockings. Then I proudly come out of the dressing room holding my feminine purchases. All the while in male mode.

Being a remodeling contractor I've had many ocasions to do that myself. Had a customer once that had mirrors on all 4 walls in their bathroom. Couldn't resist going in there and taking my clothes off and looking at all the pretty lingerie I always wear under my male clothes. Good thing mirrors can't save images. LOL...

That is a pretty hot dare! No wonder you came so quickly, the risk of being caught like that must have increased the erotic intensity of the situation to an unbearable degree. Nice touch cleaning up after yourself. Kudos to you! 💋

Oh you are daring. I like this

Good for you