Crossdressed At Work

Not really a dare but quite daring

One time I was working on a refurb of a plush office block that had full length mirrors on the back of the toilet entrance doors. I had gone to work with all my finery on under my clothes. Stockings, suspenders, silky panties and a full length slip. I could barely concentrate on what I was doing all morning. I was so turned on. Then on my lunch break I popped to the shops and bought a lovely expensive pair of heels. Time to put one of those mirrors to use I thought. As soon as I got back to work I got undressed in one of the cubicles and put the heels on. I then ventured out of the cubicle and started wanking in front of the mirror fixed to the back of the door. The rush I had thinking anyone could just open the door at any minute and catch me, sent me over the edge and I sprayed my *** all over the mirror. Then like a good girl I licked it all up.
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sounds fun

hot ! :-p

I used to be able to wear bras, girdles , and stockings under my work clothes, made me sooo hot ! I know you enjoy it !

Nice to know you did not waste that lovely ***, love the taste every time be it my own or someone elses

Quite daring,I'd say very daring,would have loved to have seen you dressed like that

I would have loved you to see me like that too x

Mmm debbie(blush)

Nice story hon.

Being a remodeling contractor I've had many ocasions to do that myself. Had a customer once that had mirrors on all 4 walls in their bathroom. Couldn't resist going in there and taking my clothes off and looking at all the pretty lingerie I always wear under my male clothes. Good thing mirrors can't save images. LOL...

Oh you are daring. I like this

Good for you