Film Dare.

A long time ago an ex girlfriend of mine dared me to go out while fully dressed with her and when we were out she wanted to film me walking through the park from a distance. We did this a few times but then I saw her talking to a guy. As I walked over to them the guy walked away. I asked her who he was, but she didn't know his name, he was just walking by. Then she said here's a dare for you and I'll film it, that guy will be sitting on the third bench in the park, walk over to him and suck his ****, he's game for it. I looked at her and walked off towards where the guy was sitting, as I approached him I noticed he already had his **** out. I walked up to him, he smiled at me, I knelt down and took his **** in my mouth and sucked it. I looked up at him to see him giving the thumbs up to my girlfriend as she filmed it.
51-55, M
3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Sexy daring little daredevil!!!!

Wow I would love to do something like that!

Being dressed outside with your woman is the best. Her having you suck a **** while out is amazing!

Thanks, I wasn't expecting it, it was only by chance that the guy came passed and he was curious to what my ex-girlfriend was filming. The rest is now documented history.