A Dare, Too Easy, But Not Really Daring.

I get so aroused when I dress up in sexy lingerie. I also get aroused when I go into a department store or Victorias Secret and buy lingerie for myself.

I was traveling for work and staying in a hotel, so i thought i would combine the two. I put on gaters and stockings, some lace cheeky panties, and a bra.

I put on my t-shirt and button down shirt, jeans and my shoes and drove over to the mall. it was winter so I then put on a coat.

I spent a good 45 minutes looing arounf the lingerie section looking for some cute new items to buy.

While I was confident no one could see my pantry lines, gater straps, bra straps; I have never been so paranoid.

I enjoyed it, went back to my hotel room, put on my new lingerie and cammed the rest of the night.
tashakentky tashakentky
31-35, M
Jan 23, 2013