Crossdress Dares

i am a sissybitch who loves to undertake crossdress dares its the humilation and displaying my sissy self that i enjoy!!! had to dress up in woman's jeans with pink sissy panties and hose and heels under with a unisex pink top and some make up on and go into a lingerie shop to buy a pair of pink sissy panties for myself! i had to tell the assistant the panties were for me and show my panties and ask for a similar pair. it was such a turn on to display my sissy panties to the assistant! who then humilated me by calling me names saing i was a born sissy who did't have a reall **** only a sissyclitty! ended up having to lick her shoes, her ***** to 4 organisms and licking her *** and having my sissy *** spanked! did get 4 pairs of sissy panties in the end just enjoyed the experience so much!! just wish she had pissed on me too!!!!!!

mandiejune mandiejune
51-55, M
2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

love to go shopping at this shop where is it

Where is this shop. I want to lick her *****.