I Dare You To Dare Me!

Presently i am a closet crossdresser who lives with a roomie and, although I cann't dress 24/7 i can dress for a couple hours every week. Any dares are welcome and I will do them! BRING IT ON! (note i haven't been dressed outside so work me up slowly please!)

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6 Responses Feb 19, 2010

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Good one!<br />
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Ill defo try it.<br />
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UPDATE: wore a pink bra with matching stockings and panties under some baggie clothes when my g-f came over!<br />
She discovered i was wearing them and just laughed, now SHE TOTALLY ACCEPTS IT!!<br />
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Get a hot pink thong. Where it under your guy shorts or jeans. Pull the thong up hi so it sticks out. Go to a store or such and squat a bunch so your whale tail shows often. You get extra points for doing it in an adult book store...

' go out to a bar and pick up a girl! Don't warn her what your wearing underneath and see what she does when she finds your garter, panties and stockings! ' I will but to my g-friend. I'm planning on doing it in two weeks

teriterry thats a great one might try it myself

wow thats abit far for the first one. I'll try it under my clothes but please BUILD ME UP SLOWLY! thanks anyway . i'll report back when ive done it.

i dare you to be wearing only pink panties when your roomie gets home