Dare Me

I would love to take a dare...please give me a dare and i will report how it went

jamie2cd jamie2cd
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6 Responses Mar 9, 2010

go into victoria secret dressed as a girl and grab another womens ***

Talltabatha i was at the adult book store over the week end i was only partially dressed because the place i go to doesn't allow you dressed in the main part of the store.so i had on shorts pantyhose and a top with bra but you couldn't tell i had the bra on.....A couple were also looking at butt plugs so i decided to ask them which would be a better fit for me. they both recommended a pretty pink one that i would say was avg in size...i agreed with them and purchased the butt plug and wen into the booths to see how it fit..they didn't agree to install it but it was exciting ...jamie

ok i will take you up on that dare talltabatha and let you know what happens.

Go to an adult book store dressed or partially dressed. Ask one of the other customers which butplug you should buy. Then turn around and ask him if he things they will fit.<br />
<br />
I did it. One of the guys offered to install it for me..

I went to Lady and grace lingerie shop and asked for a fitting the lady did so and i think she was a little nervous after i tried on a few bra's i asked her if she ever dated a cross dresser...she replied no ...i then asked her if she would like to again no was her answer.....i will try another shop in the future...jamie

that was easy ...i have done this many times before