Dare Me....... Lol

crossdressing sissy ****, lots of "fantasy wear" outfits

maid, fairy, snowwhite etc.

wear panties all the time.

will cooperate like the good sissyboy i am and give feedback

tonto1 tonto1
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

i have a nice little dare for you.. how about dressing in one of your pretty maids outfits with wig make up high heels and smooth sheer gloss tights or pantyhose then go out for a nice drive find something that will prove without doubt that your are in a public area phone box /letterbox outside a cash point what ever the choice is yours then take a nice photo of yourself and post it here in your photo album for all to see that you are a humiliated sissy maid. when done so you can reply here to tell us all about your outting how it felt and what happened to you