August 16, 2014: Under.

BlueTortoise BlueTortoise
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OMG what the hell is that white thing!
Never mind the blasted arachnid freak of torment...!
OMG! That's a great pic of a truly horrific monster!! Lol ;D

The white "thing" is the spider's egg sac. She was guarding those babies for all she was worth...

OMG - that's what i feared =O
MORE terrifying arachnids of misery and horror! (;_;)

Well, dear heart, I would say, "I'm sorry," but I had not idea of what to post for this theme until I opened a shipping crate late yesterday afternoon and found this very attentive mother "under"...

That's ok :)
i'm exaggerating - a bit ;D
It's very inventive of you :D

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