August 19, 2014: from June 2011. Even convents are not immune from the vagaries of wild fire.

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i like it! :)
And that's assuming that the 'weeping angel' is a memorial statue and not a ghost ;D
But are the things on the right flames or autumn leaves? All the trees on the left are green, but EP shrunk the picture so much i'm having trouble deciding ....
OMG - i just zoomed the whole page - it IS flames =O
But after zooming in, the weeping angel got a whole lot more spooky!!!!!! ;)
Now i LOVE your photo! 0:)

Welllllll...thank you. The understory of grasses and brush were still burning. I drove up to the convent/sanctuary as I had a friend 'serving' therein and could not reach her by mobile phone. She had been removed by the "hotshots" and was safe, but the image of the grounds is seered into my brain.

How scary that must have been =O
And what a relief it must have been to find that your friend was safe! :)