August 31, 2014: Dusk, the gloaming.

BlueTortoise BlueTortoise
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that's very black!

Yes, it is. By definition "dusk" is those moments after the sun has set, dusk follows sunset and is the dark of twilight. Dim, dark, and nightfall are synonyms.

Sunset is that time of the evening sun disappears and daylight fades. Often considered a spectacle. Dusk then follow the disappearance of the sun...thus darkness takes over, eh?

It's very dark outside here at the moment the sun went down about an hour ago and it's pitch black at the bottom of the garden.

Just as the foothills in my photo are dark and nearly imperceptible: the sun had been set about 12-15 minutes when I took my challenge photo. Dusk...

I am going to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in August's challenge.

I way many lovely photographs and learned a few more lessons about taking photos.

Thank you