Nearly Caught By The Window Cleaner..

I am a crossdresser who is partially in the closet - my SO knows and has seen me dressed but has decided that she does not like it but loves me and does not want to split, so now I wear womens undies under my mens clothes ( including a bra with the right shirt) some of the time and dress fully if home alone, on a dont ask dont tell basis! - but who loves to dress fully as a woman including wig and make up.

The other day I was at home alone and was fully dressed in lacy knickers, tights, push up gel bra, orange sleveless top and denim skirt and had my wig and some make up on - I have a very pale lippy and sheer foundation that I can even wear without comment even in my male mode - I was doing the house work and not expecting any callers when the door bell rang. I tend to have a panic mode where I keep jeans and t shirt close at hand and was into these in less than a minute. Good job as the window cleaner came into the garden and would have easily seen me in the kitchen. As I went to the door I remembered the clip on's hanging off my ears and quickly removed them (they are too easy to forget!!!).

Fortunately all was well and I quite enjoy the experiance of a near miss (perhaps I want to come out?). Once he had left I put some more lippy on, and stayed in undies but left my drab clothes on the top.

I have been out shopping a few times in full undies (soft cup sports type bra) and really enjoy it, though it is nerve racking standing at the check out wondering if the adjuster bumps on my bra straps are visible, especially if it is a man behind!

Wearing shorts today so knickers and soft cup bra only (plus lippy and foundation of course).

got to go now love to all

kathytv kathytv
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Nothing like a bit of excitment of being caught. The feeling of fem clothings on the bod is so sensuous it makes feel very sexy and fem.

I also love the feel of soft feminine clothing.<br />