Bible Baloney

Hey girls, get a load of this. You know how they try to tell us we are doing something against God’s law just because we like wearing girl’s clothes? You know that Old Testament quote they throw out about how a man is not supposed to wear women’s clothes and vise-versa? Well, here is something I just happened on in my random saved notes. I’m taking it verbatim from someone else and should give him, or her, the credit, but I don’t even remember where I found it, much less, who wrote it. But, because it is so good, I’m going to repeat it here.

"Oh and another small piece of information for anyone thinking cross-dressing or transsexualism is in some way violating some law of God. The only mention in the bible of cross-dressing is a singular passage that says loosely quoted "A man shall not don the garb of a woman, nor should a woman wear a male's apparel." This being said it's actually a mistranslation from when the bible was transferred to English it really says "A man shall not wear the garb of a woman to enter a woman's tent, (fear of rape) and a woman shall not wear a man's garb to enter a temple. (Since women of the day where not aloud in the temples.)"

I swear, I have never gotten dressed up and gone into a tent! So, now that I’m all holy and redeemed and stuff, I’m going to put on my harlot red dress and my sexy black panties and go out and really do something that I can get in Bible trouble for. No I’m not. I’m really a good girl. Well, most of the time. But, I’m not telling you about that because this is not a confessional and you are not a priest. You’re not, (a priest), are you!? Am I back in trouble again?

And, what’s this business about not allowing women into the temple (or, the priesthood for that matter)? Does having a penis make you holier than thou (who do not have such a holy appendage)? Really just as a human being, I find that concept offensive, ignorant and just plain sexist. Okay, I’m not getting all dressed up and going into any tents, but maybe I would, and should, visit some temples and churches in my finest feminine frou-frou. kiss

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Good point, most of the leviticus laws are not vaild anymore.. according to the new testament , the old ways are gone and the "curtain was torn"