My Closet Runeth Over

I total enjoy wearing womens clothing.  Currently I own over 14 dresses, 16 skirts 10 skorts, 2 short outfits (1 yellow, 1pink).
I have had the privelege of wearing these delectable garments since the age of 11.  I attempted to purge my clothing but it was a waste of time, I'd see something and had to have it.   My mother who enjoyed crossdressing me taught me all the ways of being a girl/woman.  I walk and gester like a woman,
I drink like a woman (pinky extended),  I've been told I smoke liker a woman holding it close to the first knuckle.
Unfortunately I don't think that I look like a female, although my measure ments are 36-29-36 and I only weigh 134 lbs.  My height at 6 foot is a drawback
however.   I do wear my skirts and skorts to go shopping for groceries, the drugstore and the department stores.  I also wear them to the libraryy as I am a avid reader.  Something I developed as a child because of a speech impediment.
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My mother helped me also.She always wanted a girl and out of 6 boys I was chosen.<br />
I am so proud that she choose me.<br />

my mother also helped me. I felt like her real daughter. We had a great relationship.

Yes I am building my wardrobe after my last purge a while ago I have vowed now never to do it again .I also love doing everything en femme going grocery shopping and general every day duties I even walk my dog en femme I love dressing as a woman it completes me